Odds Checker

Sports betting is a fine art that requires stoic patience and full mental dedication. 

Yet, the Internet is flooded with betting sites promising the best odds. Since we are a group of punters that take betting seriously, we have decided to throw all trust out the window and build an odds checker tool of our own. 

The odds comparison tool you see below is the result of our decades-long experience in online betting in the UK and our dissatisfaction with all of the currently available online apps that compare odds. We’ve grown sick and tired with websites that sacrifice honesty and objectivity for the sake of simply promoting a brand.

The aim of our endeavor is to do the best we can in helping you, fellow punters, make the best decision possible. We are happy to present our very own odds checking software!

How Does Our Odds Checker Work?

Each day, dozens of sports betting sites in the UK create their own odds for bet offers across a multitude of sports. Sure, scrolling through them on a quiet morning with a steaming cup of fresh coffee can be pleasant. However, at one point your mind will become oversaturated with all of the information, especially when each bookie claims to have the best odds. All of a sudden, your relaxing morning activity turns into a serious chore as you attempt to wrap your head around something that looks more like an academic math paper than a leisurely activity.

Our bet checker tool was developed to do everything for you. Each day, it crawls through the most popular UK betting sites, picking up the best football bets for that day and bringing them right to your desktop. However, in order to make our odd checker tool as objective as possible, we’ve also included odds from other sites. That way, you will be able to see for yourself which odd is the best, and which operator is most deserving of your time, money, and attention. 

How To Use Our Odds Checker?

Unlike other betting price checker websites out there, ours was built to be as user-friendly as possible. Gone are the days of rummaging around complex tables full of numbers just to compile one simple acca. With our betting odds comparison tool, all relevant information can be found right in the center of your screen. Finding the right punt has never been easier. Once you’ve found odds that you like, just click on them and our odds matcher will take you straight to the operator’s page where you can place your bet.

In order to make your navigation through football betting sites easier and more convenient, we’ve also included two filters designed to help you find your desired punt with just the click of a button. On your left side, you should see a time filter that lets you strain matches for today, next week, or next month.

If you have a preference for a specific betting site in the UK, our football odds checker also has a filter for the most popular betting operators such as Ladbrokes, Unibet, 888Sport, Bet Victor, and William Hill. 

Another flaw we noticed in almost every football bets  odds checker, is the use of fractional odds. While it is perfectly fine to use fractional odds, they make the punter’s job much more complicated, requiring calculations which can turn an enjoyable punting session into a proper math test. In order to make it easier for you, we’ve decided to switch to decimal odds and make our football odds calculator more approachable for both casual fans and veteran bettors. 

Happy Punting!

Developing a proper betting odds checker was definitely not an easy task. We had to take into account every kind of punter, and remind ourselves of all of the frustrations we had while visiting other online odds checkers. However, our hard work has finally paid off. We are proud to present our unique odds checker. Make sure to give it a go. Happy punting!


Which bookie gives best odds?

There is no precise answer to this question, since bookies differ a great deal among each other. One bookie might have great football odds, while at the same time, he might have terrible odds for another sport. It all comes down to research and rummaging through dozens of betting sites daily. Learn more in our betting odds guide

What are the best odds in horse racing?

When looking for the best horse racing odds, make sure you are on a site that has a comprehensive horse racing offer. There are a couple of UK betting sites that, although offering many other sports, base their whole operation on horse racing. One of the most popular was Ladbrokes, but William Hill recently decided to join the group of the best betting sites for horse races

What are football odds?

Football odds represent a numerical value of one event happening in a football match. For example, if your favorite team has an odd of 1.00 on our odds checker, it means that it’s a match favorite and that it will win. The bigger the odds, the less likely your team will win in the end.