Affiliate Disclosure

Why Affiliates?

We pride ourselves in the precision and honesty of the content we provide to our visitors. We do not accept funds from betting sites for our reviews like many other sites do because, even if a single betting site were to pay us to make a review, all of our claims to objectivity and integrity would fly out the window.

We don’t place ads on our pages either. They’re annoying, they can gather information on you without your consent or knowledge, plus they keep helping the advertisers less and less.

You may wonder how a site with no ads and no kickbacks from vendors can afford to stay in business.

The answer is simple. Each time you visit a betting website using a link on our page, we get a small commission from the site.

It’s really that simple. This arrangement is called an affiliate system, and in our case, it’s a guarantee that our reviews are based on honest, in-depth, hands-on evaluations of betting websites – not on the size of the vendor’s Paypal balance. Our independence from betting sites allows us to be completely committed to serving your need for reliable, unbiased information.

Become an Affiliate!

Becoming an affiliate is 100% free, safe, and secure. We have a strict policy on information security, and we won’t share anything you disclose to us. Affiliate membership is a great way for you to reduce your reliance on ads and still get the influence you want. Drop us a line and we’ll show you how easy it is to get started.