Affiliate Disclosure

Why Affiliates?

Only when you try to launch and maintain a website will you realize how much effort needs to be put into planning and producing high-quality content. Still, time-consumption is the least of the problems.

Although we think that most good things in life are free, maintaining the level of quality we have on our website definitely isn’t one of them. First of all, depositing and gambling at betting sites so we can genuinely analyse them costs a lot. Although we use minimum deposits, the sites add up.

Furthermore, if we run out of luck and lose our minimum deposit, we have to deposit more to be able to check withdrawal processes. Plus, we keep our website ad-free to give you the ultimate UX and the best service possible. Since we gave up our ad revenue for you, the only way we could finance this website was through the affiliate system!

How Does The Affiliate System Work?

First of all, monetary compensation of any kind is out of the question. We pay our bills through affiliate marketing from start to finish. However, we need your help to do it. Every time you visit one of the gambling sites through the affiliate links on our website, we get a small commission from our partners.

Note that we only become affiliated with a betting site once we’ve written a review for them. This way, we ensure that all reviews are genuine and 100% unbiased.


There are several reasons why you should become a contributor. First of all, it’s completely free. Also, you won’t have to share any personally identifiable information. Ultimately, it will keep the level of UX on our website in tact. We promise that our reviews will stay 100% honest and you must promise to visit websites through our affiliate links. After all, why wouldn’t you help those who helped you?