About Us

Greetings, fellow betting enthusiasts!
My name is Jovan, let me introduce you to my site...

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and overrun by the sheer number of options when trying to pick an online gambling website. I mean, who has the time and focus to go over all the fine print? Let’s be frank – most of the time, people don’t read the ‘Terms and Conditions Page’ and they wouldn’t understand the technical jargon even if they did. At the end of the day, those aren’t the things you are interested in – you just want to log in and place some bets, right?

Me; I’m an analytical person by nature. I like to know as much as possible about the things that interest me, down to the finest detail. I’ve been an avid betting enthusiast for most of my adult life and I’ve recently applied my data-analysis expertise in a project that you might find interesting: researching betting sites in the UK.

More than 200 online sports betting sites are competing to capture the attention of British gamblers, and that number is growing steadily. Each has its own way of approaching the business and appeasing customers. They all offer bonuses, limited-time promotional offers, and free bets to lure potential customers and keep the regulars interested. Unfortunately, the glittering landscape can be dangerous as well. The devil is always in the details – hidden in the fine print.

Here at betting-sites.me.uk, we have read that fine print so you don’t have to. My colleagues and I have created a community with the sole purpose of exchanging experiences, info, and tips to clarify the daunting maze of the online betting world. We investigate, scrutinize, and compile data on all the biggest online bookies while writing unbiased, in-depth, hands-on reviews based upon objective, standardised, and precise criteria. We tell you what’s good and bad on each site, what you can expect, and what you should watch out for.

Why trust us? Because unlike what you read on other sites, our reviews are never ordered or paid for by the bookies. We make our money using the affiliate business model – each time a visitor on our site clicks a link leading to an online bookie, we get a small commission fee from them. In that way, our service remains free to you, and more importantly, the model guarantees that our reviews are honest and unbiased. Our fortunes don’t depend upon fees from websites in return for positive coverage. Our business model is built entirely upon the trust and reputation we have gained from our visitors.

Gambling responsibly

Betting is a passion and a dear hobby of mine. While most of us can enjoy the thrill of the game as an occasional pastime, gambling can become a serious addiction for some. We urge you to keep tabs on your gambling habit and to inform yourself about the symptoms of addiction. If you suspect that you, or the people close to you, may have a problem, seek the free help provided by GamCare and Gambling Therapy. These services can help you determine whether you have a problem and guide you towards a solution.