Gareth Southgate: High Hopes for England in Euro 2023 Semi-Final

According to England’s team manager, facing Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-final on Wednesday, July 7, is both a challenge and a big opportunity to make the country happy.

Following a decisive 4-0 win against Ukraine in Rome on Saturday, England’s men’s football team is set to battle for a spot in the finals at the iconic Wembley stadium, which last saw them reach the semis a quarter of a century ago.

In an interview with BBC sports editor Dan Roan, Gareth Southgate expressed high hopes for winning the match and pointed out the importance of bringing families and communities together over the prospect of England reaching their first major tournament final since winning the 1966 World Cup.

To quote Mr Southgate, “The opportunity to bring happiness and create brilliant nights for our fans, our nation, is a very special one that you have when you play with England. They are matches that you remember where you were, and some of the nicest messages you get are that people appreciate how the players have been – that they feel they can connect with them – they should be very proud of that.”

Southgate’s enthusiasm and belief in England’s victory on Wednesday are not misplaced. Ever since reaching the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, England’s squad has been playing its best game in decades. Southgate mentioned the importance of squad mentality, which proved crucial in Russia despite the disappointing semifinal loss to Croatia. While that loss took a lot of emotional energy, reaching the top four in Euro 2020 went smoothly so far, and it is clear that England learned a lot from their previous matches.

As the UK Government plans to put an end to crowd capacity limits and social distancing measures, football supporters and sports organisations welcome the sight of packed stadiums and gear up for new football betting challenges. What do you think, dear readers? Can England bring football back home after so many decades, or will Denmark, Spain, or Italy take the coveted title of Europe’s best football nation?